Editorial Published on May 9, 2021


Born Again

Jayasree C


a. Editor in Chief, For the editorial team of “Fetus and Newborn”


Dear colleagues,

Greetings from the editor’s desk.

The field of neonatal – perinatal medicine has witnessed a tremendous growth in the last few years and new interventions are being added with the rapid advancement in technology. There is hence an absolute need for the practitioners, academicians and the trainees to be updated with the changing concepts and adopt a standard mode of practice.

National neonatology forum - Kerala Chapter has rightly decided to rejuvenate its journal taking this into consideration.  It is indeed a proud task to compile the medical jargons related to tiny citizens of our state.   The NNF Kerala has rightly decided that the publication should be rekindled to a sustainable flame after a span of 3 years. Hence this humble attempt. Moreover there are an increasing number of accredited training centers which necessitates the need for an indexed journal of our own.

Aim of the editorial team is to have a time targeted up scaling of the publication. With the support of all of you, I am confident that our team will be able to reach the target in the designated time.  The team also requests you to contribute original articles, research papers; case reports and reviews regularly, so that the publication remains rich in content. Taking into consideration the dedicated effort of the nurses in neonatal care which often goes unrecognized and as part of nursing empowerment, the team also plans to include a “Nurses Corner” where their research work in neonatology can be published. 

In this edition we have an article on genetic testing – rationale and the choice of each genetic test. Genetic assessment is an integral part of neonatal perinatal medicine. As we are all aware there has been an immense growth in the techniques used for the early diagnosis and screening of genetic disorders not only postnatally but also in pre implantation genetics and prenatal diagnosis.1 The second part of this will be published in the following edition.

Together, we will collaborate to make the process of publishing scientific matter, fair, equitable and accessible for the medical community.


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